Local election results

Appleton Thorn went to the polls on Thursday for Warrington Borough (in our new ward of Grappenhall) Councillors, Parish Councillors and for the Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner.

Full results are published on the Warrington BC website, but the winners as they relate to Appleton Thorn are:

Warrington Borough Council – Grappenhall Ward

  • Ryan Bate – Lib/Dem
  • Mike Biggin – Lib/Dem

Appleton Parish Council – Thorn Ward

  • Andy Cross – independent
  • Dot Edwards – independent

Cheshire P&CC

  • David Keane – Labour

Turnouts in Appleton Thorn appear to have been good in comparison to elsewhere. Thank you and thanks also to all candidates for putting themselves forward to take on all the work needed to represent the village.

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