The NDP Process

The Government has recently introduced substantial changes to the planning system in Britain. As part of these changes, under the Localism Act 2011, Town and Parish Councils and other bodies have been given the power to prepare Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) for their local areas.

NDPs set out planning policies to help determine planning applications for new development and as statutory planning documents form part of the “Local Plan”.

Policies and site allocations in NDPs have to be in general conformity with the Local Authority’s Local Plan and must take account of the National Planning Policy Framework. The Appleton Parish Thorn Ward NDP must therefore be in line with the Warrington BC Local Plan if it is to be accepted by the Council.

NDPs can help to shape and direct development, but cannot propose less development than the Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan Preparation Process is shown in the diagram below.


Current stage, as of June 2016, is the WBC public consultation for 6 weeks. This is due to end 5pm Aug 1st 2016.