HCA challenged to deliver benefits for existing residents 2

Local Warrington Borough and Parish Councillors led a discussion of the likely effects of the proposed HCA (Housing and Communities Agency) development of sites in Pewterspear (next to St. Matthews school), Appleton Cross and Grappenhall Heys.

Councillor Ryan Bate outlined the proposals and encouraged contributions from the floor, although there was no shortage of these.

The main areas of concern are around the ability of existing infrastructure and services to cope with a 1,000 home increase in what is a relatively small and undeveloped area. This includes capacities of local highways, local schools and medical facilities. There was also concern over a lack of shops and the siting of proposed ‘facilities’.


The HCA, as successor to the New Town Commission, apparently has no obligation to submit to the regular planning process but has chosen to do so, presumably to avoid the inevitable bad publicity should it not.  Cllr Bate advised that there is no chance of stopping the development entirely, but that we should ensure the most favourable outcome possible, with least impact on existing residents and communities.

If we are to make these points well to planners and elected members who will decide the outcome, it is important to generate large numbers, of clear and well-argued objections and of vocal support at meetings.  The deadline for submission of objections to the Appleton Cross and Grappenhall Heys proposals is 7th April.

Objections should be made in writing and may be submitted by post or online for each application separately:

Appleton Cross; Planning Application 2017/29930.

Grappenhall Heys; Planning Application 2017/29929.

A special Facebook page has been set up where latest news and comment can be viewed, at https://www.facebook.com/hcawarringtonsouth .

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