Public Meeting on HCA’s Plans for Development

The village’s local Warrington Borough Councillors have arranged a public meeting to discuss the Home and Communities Agency (HCA)’s developments at Pewterspear Green, Appleton Cross and Grappenhall Heys – a total of over 950 houses.

Appleton and Grappenhall Borough Councillors Mike Biggin, Ryan Bate, Judith Wheeler, Brian Axcell and Sharon Harris have worked together to enable local people to be briefed about the proposed developments and discuss the likely impact on the existing villages across the area.

The Public Meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th October at 7:30pm in Appleton Parish Hall on Dudlow’s Green Road. Do not be confused, this is NOT the Appleton Thorn village Hall, but the one near the Co-op.

If you have any questions before the meeting or wish to help spread the word please email Cllr Ryan Bate or Cllr Judith Wheeler.


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