Bawming Day Road Closures

In order to keep the Bawming Day celebrations safe for all – but especially the children – there are official road closures in place.

Following feedback from previous years, the closure points are these days at points on Stretton Road, Lumb Brook Road and Grappenhall Lane where drivers may divert to another route.

These are shown on the map below (thanks Google Maps!).

Appleton Thorn Bawming Road Closures 2016

Closure times

11:55am Closures will be in place – some may be in place earlier – so that the procession can start at 12:00. Closures will remain in place until the procession and ceremony at the tree is completed, but access will be allowed to Hatchery Close and Marsh Lane off Pepper St just as soon as it is safe to do so. The closure on Stretton Road may be brought back to the junction with Pepper St and that on Arley Road moved to allow access to chapel lane and Parkland Close once the procession has completely passed. They will then remain at that point until all closures are removed (see below).

1:00pm. All closures will be removed – so long as the ceremonies are over and the crowds have been able to move onto the Village Hall field for the fete.

Access for residents and Thorn Inn patrons

Lumb Brook Road and Grappenhall Lane road closures will still allow access to properties along these roads and those only accessible from them, but drivers will not be allowed through the central area around the tree until the closures are lifted.

Hatchery Close, Marsh Lane, Chapel Lane and some Pepper St residents will not be able to drive to their houses for a short period after 11:55, but access will be restored just as soon as it is safe to do so.

All drivers should exercise extreme care and recognise that there may be many more pedestrians, including children, than usual everywhere across the village.

Thorn Inn patrons will be able to access the pub car park from the Grappenhall Lane entrance. Those not visiting the Thorn Inn, please ‘play fair’ and DO NOT park in their car park.

Car Parking

We encourage village residents to walk to Bawming where possible, but those travelling from further away will be pleased to know that the car park at the New Lane playing fields (accessed from Lumb Brook Road) and the large car park at HMP Thorn Cross on Arley Road will both be available for use.

Both of these car parks are inside the road closure zone, so please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time before the relevant road is closed off – or you may miss the celebrations.

Procession Route

The procession runs from the Village Hall on Stretton Road, down Pepper Street to the turn into Chapel Lane, along Chapel Lane until turning left onto Arley Road up to the crossroads and the Appleton Thorn tree.

Residents and visitors are asked not to park on the procession route on Saturday morning until the procession has passed and the road is opened up by the marshals. Your co-operation in this is very much appreciated.

Alternative routes avoiding Appleton Thorn – especially to Arley Hall

Detailed directions are available in the downloadable documents below:

It should be noted that the route described from the Stretton Rd roundabout is only available once the procession has reached the tree for the ceremony there.

If you need to get to Arley Hall without delay, you should approach the village from the east and pick up the ‘New Lane’ directions from the T junction between Grappenhall Lane onto Barleycastle Lane.


Marshals will be available at all closures and at various points along the procession route – please ask if you need further assistance.


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